"Many nations shall come, and say: “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord"


June 2016



I pursued intimacy with the Lord and I had such a great desire to grow in intimacy  with Him.

When I read this Scripture I asked the Lord how I can kiss Him?  I waited for months when the Lord woke me up one morning with the question ‘So, you want to kiss Me?”  I was immediately awake and with great expectation i answered ‘I would love to, Lord!”.

He asked me ‘What do you do when you kiss someone?’ I heard myself answer ‘I put my lips to his hand, or to his cheek or to his lips’.  The Lord then said to me ‘In other words, when you kiss someone, that person is on your lips?’

Excitement exploded in me when revelation flooded my spirit!

I immediately understood that JESUS IS THE WORD.  When His Word is on my lips, I kiss Him!

That is why I love preaching!  I do not minister to people, in fact, I am ‘kissing’ Jesus, loving Him and ministering to Him!

The more you have the Word (Jesus) on your lips, the more you will grow in revelation and intimacy with Him … if that is your desire and pursuit, of course!

Kamp met Eunice van der Merwe

Maak solank ’n groot aantekening! 5-7 Augustus – WWW. Retreat! Worship Warriors Warfare! ’n Vroukamp wat standpunt inneem! Sprekers: Eunice vd Merwe, Carol Singleton- Lindeque met LIVE WORSHIP deur IV4 band! Pure Joy Conference Centre: PRETORIA kontak ons by 0744590080/012 5677902



13-14 Augustus 2016

Palm Tree Prayer Camp

24 – 26 August 2016

Word in Action Camp Site Pretoria

What to do with your Prophetic Word

  1. When asked WHO we are we usually answer by saying what we do
    1. If you start with your function you will always be in performs and you will give birth to Ishmaels
  • Speaks of WHO GOD IS and
  • God wants to form you according to your heavenly identity
  • Do not allow your past to be the prophet of your future
  • The biggest truth is Who God says you are

A Company of Singles

I have been asking the Lord for a word for the single people, men and women, young and old, because I know that the Lord has a specific plan for them.  While ministering to a group of single people, I heard the Lord say ‘I am looking for a company of single people carrying the Spirit of Marriage’.


Love is not an emotion, it is God Himself.  We have diminished God to mere emotions that we can control and that is why we so easily ‘fall in or out of love’.

1 John 4:8 “God is Love”.

Love requires a beloved.  It cannot function without a beloved.  God made you and me to be the object of His love!  Without you, His beloved, He hurts!  Therefor, when the enemy can make you believe that God doesn’t love you and you turn away from Him, the satan manages to hurt God!

Nothing can separate you from His love because his love is not an emotion, it is God Himself.  He already paid for your through Jesus Who died on the cross for you.  So, you belong to Love forever and nothing can separate you from Him

You don’t have the ability to love.  Ask Him to fill you with His love, with Himself and allow Him to love through you and you will experience the power and fulfilment of LOVE!

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