I pursued intimacy with the Lord and I had such a great desire to grow in intimacy  with Him.

When I read this Scripture I asked the Lord how I can kiss Him?  I waited for months when the Lord woke me up one morning with the question ‘So, you want to kiss Me?”  I was immediately awake and with great expectation i answered ‘I would love to, Lord!”.

He asked me ‘What do you do when you kiss someone?’ I heard myself answer ‘I put my lips to his hand, or to his cheek or to his lips’.  The Lord then said to me ‘In other words, when you kiss someone, that person is on your lips?’

Excitement exploded in me when revelation flooded my spirit!

I immediately understood that JESUS IS THE WORD.  When His Word is on my lips, I kiss Him!

That is why I love preaching!  I do not minister to people, in fact, I am ‘kissing’ Jesus, loving Him and ministering to Him!

The more you have the Word (Jesus) on your lips, the more you will grow in revelation and intimacy with Him … if that is your desire and pursuit, of course!